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Community platform

Offering a range of services, both proprietary and in cooperation with the ‘best in the business’

Cashback platform

Like no other offer in the market!
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Legal Compliance

Partnerships with top regulated firms in the industry ensure legal compliance in all jurisdictions

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TradeLand aims to operate as a platform for multiple platforms to link exclusive concepts to state of the art software and regulated products.

EA marketplace, community, trade copier software, VPS hosting,…

A cash back concept with the aim to push a paradigm shift

Currently in development

Products offered in partnerships

For all EU clients

For all EU clients, all products that require regulation are offered by ForexMAX. In specific jurisdictions, specific rules apply!

Non Eu - Non US clients

For all areas non-EU and non-US, where allowed, products are offered by Infinox Capital Group Asset Management

Products offered in partnerships

No financial advise

We do not offer financial advise. For any specific questions related to your investments please contact the Asset Managers or relevant partners directly.

Belgian regulations

Under Belgian law of 2016, it is forbidden to offer CFD’s to Belgian citizens unless trades are done on an MTF operated by a market operator. For such purposes, ForexMax and Infinox have taken necessary measures to be fully compliant.

Platform operations

Tradeland offers it’s platforms as a software and has invested heavily in creating unique business models. The financial products are offered under contract by regulated firms. Tradeland is compensated on a marketing fee basis.

Expert Advisors overview

Multiple brands represent different parties and different trading strategies.

Price Action strategies with up to 20 currency pairs.


Scalper systems, Price Action, and one-trade strategies

Averaging systems with zone recovery module

We do not offer Managed Trading services through our brands directly


innovative ideas require teamwork to turn into reality